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Real Home Salesman Quotes

Although most real estate salesmen will claim that they "don't talk people into buying," that they just "help them buy when they are ready," everyone knows that a sales person's job is to convince you to buy what they're selling. Real estate agents, home builders, mortgage brokers, and their organizations are no exception to this rule.

Following is a list of actual quotes from real estate salesmen of various persuasions (agents, builders, etc.). This page is a work in progress. If you have seen any quotes online that do not appear below, please email them to us!

"As prices begin to rise again buyers who do not act now could be making a costly mistake."
National Association of Realtors®
"As a first-time buyer, should I wait until prices go lower to buy a home? No. If you continue to wait, you may never be able to afford to get into the housing market."
National Association of Home Builders