Priced Out Forever
You can't have one of these......and you definitely can't have one of these, either.

You are being priced out forever...

You're being Priced Out Forever as we speak!
Fig. 1 - Home Prices
If you are a prospective first-time homebuyer, you know that it is virtually impossible today to find an affordable house. Just when you think you have found the perfect three-bedroom rambler or that townhome with your dream kitchen in your price range, someone sweeps in with an escalation clause $50,000 over your offer and it's back to square one.

To make matters worse, the price of homes these days just keeps going up and up (see Fig. 1). Sure, prices may be moderating here and there, but everyone knows it's only a matter of time before prices begin to skyrocket once again.

That's why now is not only a great time to buy, it may be your last chance to buy a home before you get priced out forever.

...or are you?

That's what the real estate industry would have you believe, anyway. But have you ever thought through what it would really mean if across the country, hundreds of thousands of people just like you really were being priced out forever? Who would buy homes? What would happen to the housing market as a whole? These are questions that are frequently ignored.

In reality, the idea that large groups of would-be homebuyers can be priced out forever is patently ridiculous. Although the tone of Priced Out Forever is light-hearted, this website was created to tackle a silly notion head-on with serious facts.

So welcome to Priced Out Forever, we are here for you. Priced Out Forever is your Internet headquarters for analysis, humor, and news about the so-called threat of allegedly never-ending soaring home prices.

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